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Бумагорезальная машина - EBA 551-06 LT
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14.01.16 Екатерина
Заказывали квартальники для компании. Естественно на кануне НГ, когда никто уже не берется их делать и...
23.09.13 Виктор Петрович Плахин
У нас небольшое рекламное агентство, мы специализируемся на оригинальной рекламной продукции. То есть, сами...

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Бумагорезальная машина с гидравлическим приводом прижима и реза - EBA 551-06 LT. Гидравлический прижим важен для прижима разных сортов бумаги, чтобы не нарушить их поверхность и красочный слой или слой тонера.

А гидравлический привод позволяет подавать давление плавно, постепенно и также плавно и точно его регулировать.

Standard features:

Hydraulic precision drive for blade and clamping; spindle guided electro-mechanical backgauge drive for precise positioning; infinitely adjustable clamping pressure with display (min. 200 / max. 1100 daN); false clamp plate; electronic hand wheel with infinitely variable speed for fine adjustment of backgauge (53 mm/s); foot pedal for pre-clamping or cutting line indicator; optical cutting line indicator with LEDs; durable stainless steel working surface for front and rear table; blade made of high quality HSS steel; hydraulic swing cut; solid steel blade carrier guided on both sides, adjustable; sturdy cast iron frame; adjustable blade depth; mobile on castors.

Safety features "SCS" (SAFETY CUTTING SYSTEM):

Electronically guarded front table area by photocell; safety guard; safety cover on rear table; two-hand safety activation with repetition blocking and control for synchronous operation; automatic return of blade and clamp from every position; lockable main switch; 24-volt-control; blade changing device with covered cutting edge; knocking-up device.

Programmable backauge control:

Electronic digital display with an accuracy of 1/10 mm; 10-button-keyboard for pre-setting of measurement; 99 programs with 99 steps each (up to 9 repeat measurements can be integrated in the program as one program step via the „Memory“ key); program runs automatically; memory key for repeat cuts; set button for reference measurement; two programmable keys for quick setting; self-diagnostic system with error indication on display; hange-over between metric/inch.

Options / Accessories:

Air table on front and rear table (model 551-06 LT); side tables right and left.

Front table depth: 460 mm
Dimensions: width without side tables 1070 mm, width with side tables 1630 mm; depth: 1400 mm; height: 1370 mm
Motor capacity: 1,5 kW; power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz (other voltages available)
Weight: 350 kg

EBA 551-06 LT
Cutting length (mm) 550
Cutting height (mm) 95
Table depth (mm) 570
Narrow cut (mm) (without / with false clamp plate) 32 / 60